The Facilities at Brickyard Business Park

Industrial and Office Space To Rent on Flexible Terms

The Brickyard offers a comprehensive range of units to suit most needs From 250 sq.ft to 1750 sq.ft with all sizes in between. All units have their own individual access. All units have sinks and private washroom facilities, most units have three phase power available, all units also have their own allocated parking places.

The type of units we have on offer varies from the original older style agricultural units, to the three brand-new very highly specified modern units which have just been constructed. All units whether old or new are very comfortable and well insulated.

Container Storage

container storage facilitiesWe also have several 20 foot secure insulated containers To Let for £125 per month.

You can drive right up to these containers for loading / unloading purposes. Each container gives you a huge 1170 cubic feet of space.

Brickyard benefits at a glance

  • Simple flexible terms
  • Short-term leases
  • Extensive range of the unit sizes and types available
  • All units have their own access and allocated parking
  • All units have their own private facilities
  • No tenant is responsible for repairing and maintenance of the building they occupy
  • There are no service charges, communal charges, or hidden costs

Our primary function has always been to help starter businesses get off the ground so we try to be as helpful as we can to get fledgling businesses flourishing. With the present economic climate we are also getting enquiries from businesses looking to lower overheads or downsize their businesses. We attempt to help their businesses as best we can with advice and incentives. Altogether the Brickyard has a vibrant welcoming and friendly feeling about it and has a tucked away country feel about it. People enjoy visiting The Brickyard. We think this is very important particularly if customers visit your business.

Brickyard Business Park
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